MEMPHIS, TN. Metal powerhouse HAMMER DOWN HARD are living up to their name and firing off their second record in just over a year, MADNESS SERVES ME WELL. The digital release is September 21, 2019. MADNESS SERVES ME WELL is a superb collection of songs that expand Lonnie Hammer’s burgeoning reputation as a prolific songwriter and lyricist and cementing HAMMER DOWN HARD as one of the most essential modern rock acts in recent years. Recorded at CrossTrax Studio in Memphis, TN, the album was produced and co-written with Justin Rimer (Saving Abel, 12 Stones, Full Devil Jacket).

MADNESS SERVES ME WELL comes quickly off the heels of the band's hugely successful debut album Total Annihilation. HAMMER DOWN HARD’s aggressive new alternative metal draws listeners into dark soundscapes full of emotional catharsis. Featuring heavy metal’s aggressive sound with understandable hard-core delivery and intelligent, descriptive lyrics, HAMMER DOWN HARD brings something new and all their own to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music listeners. Heavy enough for all metal fans the saw-toothed vocals and engaging lyrics paint the picture while the music physically grabs you and takes take listeners on a euphoric ride. MADNESS SERVES ME WELL will be available in the CD and Digital formats.

The band’s first album, Total Annihilation debuted at #3 as the Most Added record on the Metal Contraband Chart and remained in the Heavy Top 40 for eight weeks. HAMMER DOWN HARD was voted Rockwired Magazine's Artist of the Month for August 2018 by the fans only weeks after their debut and was selected as one of the Top 20 New Bands That Rocked 2018. AXS exclusively premiered the “Total Annihilation” music video on January 3, 2019. “Total Annihilation” AXS Video Premiere link: http://www.axs.com/136290

Commenting on the new songs, lead vocalist Lonnie Hammer says, “I tried to challenge myself this time when it came to writing songs. I wanted to be heavier but not over the top, to have the hard-core aggression of metal but still stay fundamentally melodic. Songs where someone can grasp it, sing along and carry it in their head. I always want to grow as an artist-musically but even more so lyrically. I prefer to write about relevant, meaningful, relatable topics. I find myself drawn to descriptive lyrics with a poetic flow that are tangible enough for listeners to visualize the story.”

HAMMER DOWN HARD has been on the road this summer performing with Hinder as well as headlining fairs and festivals. HAMMER DOWN HARD has also shared the stage with Ace Frehley, Skid Row, Autograph.



Lonnie Hammer-Vocals

With numerous bands and 18 albums under his belt, LONNIE HAMMER’s drive, talent and determination has elevated him to major-league status within the music industry. During his illustrious career multi-talented drummer/singer/songwriter, Hammer has been a member and recording artist with the legendary rock band BLACK OAK ARKANSAS, EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE, JONAH 33, and CHOSEN and played for JACK RUSSELL’S GREAT WHITE. Never one to rest on his laurels and always with a few surprised up his sleeve, Hammer will have four (4) records released within the year. Underdog Heroes with BLACK OAK ARKANSAS, the vinyl release of GRIND by EMN, and two (2) with his new band HAMMER DOWN HARD, Total Annihilation and Madness Serves Me Well. LONNIE HAMMER recently launched his solo project HAMMER DOWN HARD, a powerhouse of modern adrenaline-fueled high energy hard rock/metal. 

Randall X Rawlings-Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Mike Dover-Drums  

David Soard-Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Daniel Dwight-Bass



Dark Side Of Heaven

Worlds Gone Black

Alpha Dog

Bleeding Out







































L-R     Mike Dover, David Soard, Lonnie Hammer, Randall X Rawlings, Daniel Dwight


Booking and Press contact:

Manager Kim Allegrezza






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Hard Rock/Heavy Metal


HAMMER DOWN HARD was formed by renowned hard rock drummer singer/songwriter Lonnie Hammer (Jack Russell’s Great White, Every Mother’s Nightmare, Black Oak Arkansas) in the Fall of 2017. The brainchild of Hammer, with assistance from manager Kim Allegrezza (The Allegrezza Agency), HAMMER DOWN HARD features some of the finest musicians in the hard rock and heavy metal music scene. The debut album, Total Annihilation, presents all-star guest performances by members of Shinedown, Candlebox, Saliva, Great White, Black Oak Arkansas, Twelve Stones, Winger and Surrender The Fall.


Total Annihilation debuted at #3 on Metal Contraband's Most Added record  and remained in the Heavy Top 40 for eight weeks. Rockwired Magazine fans voted HAMMER DOWN HARD Artist of the Month for August 2018 and Rockwired Magazine named HDH as one of the Top 20 Bands That Made 2018 Rock. AXS exclusively premiered the “Total Annihilation” music video January 3, 2019. “Total Annihilation” AXS Video Premiere link: http://www.axs.com/136290

Lonnie Hammer branched out into new territory both musically and lyrically with HAMMER DOWN HARD, pushing deep into new creative realms. With honest songs, top notch lyrics, powerful vocals and shear rock fury you can feel the energy as well as the incredible enthusiasm this formidable band brings to the music world. Not only do they rock a crowd, they rule, conquer and certainly get everyone to stand up and take notice. The band’s very first gig was July 11, 2018 at RockFest 2018 in Cadott, WI., that night's main stage lineup was Hammer Down Hard, Autograph, Skid Row and Ace Frehley. Not bad for a first gig!

Lonnie Hammer is represented by the Artist Management & PR firm The Allegrezza Agency.  Hammer is endorsed by Mapex Drums, Xcel Drumsticks, Impression Cymbals and Xzavier Clothing.

For more information about HAMMER DOWN HARD or to book the band contact:

Manager Kim Allegrezza



Studio musicians-

LONNIE HAMMER (Black Oak Arkansas, Every Mother's Nightmare, Jack Russell's Great White): Lead vocals and drums

JUSTIN RIMER (12 Stones): Guitar and bass guitar

ZACH MYERS (Shinedown): Guitar "Who I Am"

DONNIE WAYNE SMITH (Winger): Guitar "Total Annihilation" "Wakefield" "Fox On The Run" "Bloodshot Eyes" "Christine"

WAYNE SWINNY (Saliva): Guitar "Bloodshot Eyes" "Conquer and Divide"

TONY CARDENAS MONTANA (Jack Russell'sGreat White): Guitar "Fox On The Run"

BRIAN QUINN (Candlebox): Guitar "Killing Time"

LOU KAVOURAS (Riot and 2018 Hall of Heavy Metal History Inductee): Guitar "Conquer And Divide"

DEVON HIGHTOWER (Surrender The Fall): Bass "Wakefield" "Bloodshot Eyes"


Live band includes-

LONNIE HAMMER (Black Oak Arkansas, Every Mother's Nightmare, Jack Russell's Great White) Lead Vocals

RANDALL X RAWLINGS (Sebastian Bach Band) Guitar



MIKE DOVER (Sebastian Bach Band) Drums

DAVID SOARD  Lead/ Rhythm Guitar



“Total Annihilation” music video premiere on AXS



“Do yourself a favor and add this album to your play list and if you are a Rock Radio Station HAMMER DOWN HARD’S version of “Fox On The Run” should be in your rotation. It is one of my favorite covers and is right up there with the best of them.” John ‘Squirrel’ Worley 100.5 WJRL, The Rock of Dothan


“unique, thunderous, but melodically-driven sound” Brave Words



“From the opening track ‘Total Annihilation’ to the last ‘Killing Time’ this album hits hard and doesn't stop until the power goes out. From the Thundering Drums and Bass tick tocking and rocking it never missing a beat to the crunch of the rhythm and the masterful solos of the guitars which were done by some of the best in the Metal business this album has the Cave studio rocking hard and heavy” World Metal Feed


“Hammer Down Hard hits the mark with new all-star project” Vents Magazine



“All these amazing players just on the record alone. Zach Myers from Shinedown, Wayne Swinny from Saliva, Tony Montana…” Just A Rock N’ Roll Junkie

“Loved the way it was written” Just A Rock N’ Roll Junkie



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