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“Total Annihilation” music video premiere on AXS



“Do yourself a favor and add this album to your play list and if you are a Rock Radio Station HAMMER DOWN HARD’S version of “Fox On The Run” should be in your rotation. It is one of my favorite covers and is right up there with the best of them.” John ‘Squirrel’ Worley 100.5 WJRL, The Rock of Dothan



“unique, thunderous, but melodically-driven sound” Brave Words



“From the opening track ‘Total Annihilation’ to the last ‘Killing Time’ this album hits hard and doesn't stop until the power goes out. From the Thundering Drums and Bass tick tocking and rocking it never missing a beat to the crunch of the rhythm and the masterful solos of the guitars which were done by some of the best in the Metal business this album has the Cave studio rocking hard and heavy” World Metal Feed


“Hammer Down Hard hits the mark with new all-star project” Vents Magazine



“All these amazing players just on the record alone. Zach Myers from Shinedown, Wayne Swinny from Saliva, Tony Montana…” Just A Rock N’ Roll Junkie

“Loved the way it was written” Just A Rock N’ Roll Junkie



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Rockwired Magazine Artist of the Month Aug 2018


Artist of the Month Aug 2018 ballot


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94.7 The Shark-NY on-air interview



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On Air with Metal Militia



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